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Mine Site Approved Office Furniture

mine site approved office furniture

Our range of mine site furniture has been approved by the Australian Mining and minerals commissions. Designed here in Australia and built in accordance with OHS regulations has helped us to create a solid range of office furniture designed specifically for mine site usage.

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What these mining companies and many others have in common is the need for quality office furniture. Furniture that meets the highest standards and certification. A broad range of furniture to meet the ever growing needs of the mining community. Mike Hopkins Office Furniture has been supplying furniture to the mining sector for over 30 years.

Testing and Standards

mining tested furniture

Not all furniture is created equal and not all furniture sold in Australia meets commercial standards. The quality of the board used in Australian made desks compared to an imported desk can vary. Chairs have different ratings and classifications. After years of experience Mike Hopkins knows what to provide the mining sector and does not waste time and money providing products that don’t make the grade.

Solutions For Head Office and On Site

mining office furniture

Corporate Perth to anywhere in the outback. Mike Hopkins has a style of furniture to suit whatever the situation demands. Full fit outs to individual flat pack furniture. The Staff at Mike Hopkins will work with you to make sure your 100% satisfied your needs will be met.

Open Office Plans

open planned offices

Making use of large, open spaces to minimize the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private offices, allows for more staff in one area. More staff, means more noise, so high quality partitioning with exceptional acoustics is essential to any fit out. System 76 is a Western Australian made screen that can be tailored to any size and colour.

Hot Desking Solutions

hot desking

Hot desks are excellent where workers do not have their own desks, but are allocated work space according to their needs. The sharing of a desk/seat/workstation arrangement by more than one member of staff, becomes a cost effective alternative, to leasing larger premises.

Office Partitioning

office partitioning

Need to divide your office? Why not try demountable partitioning?

 •  A dustless install process.
 •  Custom built.
 •  Integrated power and data.
 •  Height adjustable.
 •  Sliding or hinged door compatible.
 •  Powdercoating choice.
 •  Fabric choice.
 •  Sound resistance.
 •  Locally made.

Boardroom Furniture

mining boardroom

UR, EONA and Trapeze bases all lead the way in design, sustainability and versatility. From a 1200 diameter meeting table to a 5 meter plus Boardroom table. If size and shape matters, these three table bases cover all your needs. The size of your table is only limited by the size of your room.

Training Room Setups

training room desks

Create a Training/Class room that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our Flip Tables allow for a easier, quicker set up with less chance of injury. Simply flip it and stack it. Trapezoidal tables allow for a more creative approach to meetings, by shaping your room to your needs on the day.

Task Chairs

task chairs

Chairs are all shapes and sizes. People are all shapes and sizes. Appropriate seating for the Boardroom, may not be suitable for the Workstation. Find the right chair for the right job. Have one of our consultants come out and visit you for a no obligation chair assessment.

Flatpacked Transport

flat packed office furniture

Transport costs to the out back can be massive and traditionally flat pack furniture substandard. The Biz range from Mike Hopkins sets the bar for quality flat packed furniture. Made from EO Board and constructed with 25mm tops and sides the Biz Range is strong and reliable. A choice of three colours, huge product selection, easy to transport and assemble, means the Biz Range is the perfect choice for furnishing the out back office. For information on the complete Biz range, please contact Mike Hopkins Office Furniture.