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Council and Government Office Furniture

government office furniture

Mike Hopkins is committed to providing quality office furniture thats stylish, durable and affordable

First Choice

Australian made

Mike Hopkins proudly supports local business, and where ever possible our first choice is always Australian Made. Our extended family of over 40 manufacturers, wholesalers, designers, and installers employee a combined total of over 250 people. Many of these businesses are mulch-generational - Father, Sons, Mothers and Daughters all working together. First Choice means jobs for our children and our communities.

Environment & Sustainability

Mike Hopkins is committed to providing better products, that meet the environmental expectations of the consumer. We look closely at products that are Carbon Neutral, GECA approved, come with 10 year warranties, or have excellent recycling properties. Any product we believe will not end up as land fill a few years after purchase becomes part of our E Range Furniture.

Reception Seating

reception seating

First impressions count. Let Mike Hopkins help you create a inviting atmosphere for your clients. Make a statement without saying a word.

Modular Desking

modular desking


boardroom desks

UR, EONA and Trapeze bases all lead the way in design, sustainability and versatility. From a 1200 diameter meeting table to a 5 meter plus Boardroom table. If size and shape matters, these three table bases cover all your needs. The size of your table is only limited by the size of your room.

Training Room

training rooms

Create a Training/Class room that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our Flip Tables allow for an easier, quicker set up with less chance of injury. Simply flip it and stack it.

Trapezoidal tables allow for a more creative approach to meetings, by shaping your room to your needs on the day.

Task Chairs

task chairs

Chairs are all shapes and sizes. People are all shapes and sizes. Appropriate seating for the Boardroom, may not be suitable for the Workstation. Find the right chair for the right job. Have one of our consultants come out and visit you for a no obligation chair assessment.

Chair Ergonomics

chair ergonomics

Are you sitting on the right chair for you? The health of your back is important, and finding the right chair is paramount. The staff at Mike Hopkins Office Furniture are trained to assist you in the selection of correct seating to match your specific task

Office Filing and Storage

filing and storage

Complete office filing solutions from the basic filing cabinet to tambour units Plan holders and compactus units. Mike Hopkins can advise on the best option for you.

Accoustic Paneling

accpustic paneling

Quiet Space Acoustic Paneling is a durable 100% polyester acoustic wall lining that is both decorative and highly effective in reducing reverberated noise. It is composed of a soft non-woven polyester fabric upper, heat-bonded to a polyester backing at least 10mm thick. Acoustic Fabric allows a designer to create attractive, quieter interiors for offices, meeting rooms, theaters, libraries and other open spaces.